Arrival, Dismissal, and Attendance Information

Arrival, Dismissal, and Attendance Information
Posted on 05/14/2018
Attendance Hotline:  883-4002
Please call the attendance hotline to notify the school of your child's absence. This phone number is ONLY for student absences.
Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
Please remain in your vehicles and proceed through the car drop-off line in the morning. Pull as far forward as possible. In the afternoon, stay in your vehicles and move forward through the car line. Do not sit or stand by the front office, covered benches or gates waiting for your child. Do not drop your child off in the parking lot - it is not safe. Thank you for your assistance.
Students who are not in their classroom by 8:00 am are late and will be marked tardy. If your child eats breakfast at school please make sure they are at school early so they have time to eat and walk to class by 8:00 am. Also, allow time for the carline and walking to class.